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Four of a kind Capsa Susun Pusoy is a special version of Chinese Poker played across various South East Asia countries

Four of a kind – Capsa Susun Pusoy is a special version of Chinese Poker played across various South East Asia countries and is known under different names: Capsa Susun in Indonesia, Pusoy in Philippines, Mau Binh Xap Xam in Vietnam and Sap Sam Cheung in Malaysia.

** How to play Four of a kind – Capsa Susun Pusoy Chinese Poker

There may be two, three or four players to play in the room. Each player is dealt 13 cards out of 52-card deck and no one knows the others’ cards until they are shown down. Each player will have 30 or 60 seconds to arrange cards in hand into 3 poker hands: Front, Middle and Back Hand. Front Hand include 3 cards, meanwhile Middle and Back Hand each has 5 cards. The rule for arrangement is Back Hand is stronger than Middle Hand and Middle Hand is stronger than Front Hand. The strength is determined by poker hand rules: Straight Flush > Four of a kind > Full House > Flush > Straight > Three of a kind > Two Pairs > One Pair > High Card.

Given that Front Hand comprises only 3 cards, it only has one of 3 hands: Three of a kind; One Pair or High Card.

After players finish arrangement and tap on Done, or the time for arrangement elapse, all players’ hands will be shown and compare between each other’s to determine the winning/losing amount.

** Four of a kind special rules

1. Special hands include:
– Six pairs
– Three straights
– Three flushes
– Dragon (complete straight – hands include all 13 consecutive cards: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K)

2. Bonus in case of Ace

Besides all points you get from comparing hands with other players’, if you have an Ace you will have one point over others, . For example, in a 4-player room, if you have no Ace, you lose 4 points; if you have 1 Ace, you are safe; 2 aces, you win 4 points; 3 aces, you win 8 points and with 4 aces you have 12 points.

3. Win all rules for Four of a kind – Capsa Susun Pusoy Chinese Poker

If you win all three hands (Front, Middle and Back Hand) over one player, then you will double your points at each hands, and if you win all players’ hands, then you quadruple your points.

4. Winning points for special hands over others

– Three of a kind at Front Hand: 5 points
– Full house at Middle Hand: 3 points
– Four of a kind at Middle: 4 points
– Four of a kind at Back Hand: 8 points
– Straight Flush at Middle Hand: 10 points
– Straight Flush at Back Hand: 5 points

Whether you live and play this type of game in Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam or Malaysia, you can find it easy and acquainted to this quick to learn game. It will help you have fun while doing other things as it is convenient for entertainment in a short time. You can use the same Facebook account to access and play this game on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

This game provides free virtual coins (called Zac) for new players to play every day and this free item will increase day-by-day if you play Four of a kind Chinese Poker Capsa Susun Pusoy card game on consecutive days. Free Zac is offered to users playing for a long time, which increases in accordance with the time of playing. If your Zac is all gone while playing, you can purchase more Zac at very cheap price by credit cards or using your mobile carrier account.

Four of a kind offers easy-to-play Chinese poker game, nice and flat design online card game for all South East Asia players. We also organize many events, promotions and prizes every day for player community.

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Four of a kind hopes to deliver unique playing experience to you all

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