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Description of Board Futsal StrategyCollectivity and compactness between players is things that are needed in the game o

Description of Board Futsal Strategy

Collectivity and compactness between players is things that are needed in the game of futsal. A formation and a specific strategy is needed to get the most or the victory of a team. Strategy before the game starts it is important to create a communications when attacking or defensive.
Here are the formations defense and attack that can be used on your team:

Formation 2-2
Formation futsal game 2-2 which two players will be the player who serves as a defensive player and two players in attack. This formation can serve as defense and attack formations. The basic pattern formation movement is 2 players in the back and two players in front although the direction of the ball is always changing.

Formation 3-1
Formation 3-1 futsal game could be called the formation last spring, with 3 players aligned behind the center line and one attacking player as a target. When attacking, this formation can be turned into a 1-1-2 or 1-2-1 formation. This formation is used to empty the inert field right or left rear area of ​​the opponent as the initial assault.

Formation 1-3
Formation 1-3 futsal games can be said to be semi attacking formation, with 1 as the key players behind the halfway line and three players attack as a target. Currently survive, this formation can be turned into a 1-2-1 formation. Formation function is to clear the field to the left or right of the front area of ​​the opponent as the initial attack.

Formation 4-0
Formation 4-0 futsal games can be said to be the last total, with 4 players are behind the formation of the center line (own area). When attacked, these formations can turn into formations 1-2-1, 1-1-2 and 3-1.

Formation 0-4
Formation 0-4 futsal games can be said to be a total attack, with four players formations are in front of the center line (regional opponents). When we have a defense, the formation of 0-4 is very difficult to do. However, when attacked, 0-4 formation can change into a formation of 1-2-1, 1-1-2 and 3-1.

Formation 1-2-1
Formation 1-2-1 futsal games in addition to functioning as a bridge other formations to attack, this formation is also good for the formation persist. 1-2-1 formation serves to control the middle of the block when the ball is interrupted by an opponent in front of the penalty area. Function persist with this formation is as inhibitors attack the opponent.

Formation 1-1-2
Formation 1-1-2 futsal game is pure formations when attacking with a counterattack. This formation is the formation of a counter-attack serves as a very effective and efficient. One player as the key behind the attack, the player 1 as a target amid a knot, the two players left right front serves as a winger attack (spear twins).

Formation 2-1-1
Futsal games 2-1-1 formation, functioning as an attacking formation of the 3-1 formation changes. This formation is done in the area opposed to the last formation function is still dominant. The 2-1-1 formation rely on the attacker as a target.

Formations above should adjust the composition of the existing players so as to facilitate the setting formations and strategies to compete.

Besides formation, things that need to be in a team that is playing strategies. Without the right strategy, the formation can not be executed properly by the players. Please try

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