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Descriptions :MMA Manager 2 gives players the experience of being a manager for an MMA fighter and creating his famous c

Descriptions :

MMA Manager 2 gives players the experience of being a manager for an MMA fighter and creating his famous club. You will take your time to explore the game mechanics and you shouldn’t miss any information as this game has a certain strategic direction. At the same time, you will find many opportunities to earn a lot of money over time and grow your gym, club and fighter.


In MMA Manager 2, the player takes on an intriguing role as the manager of an MMA fighter. So you are not the one who controls the character to attack the opponent to win, but you are the one who decides certain tactics and game plans. The strategy you use will be fully implemented in the game and you will be the one who sees what happens in the game and who wins. Winning earns the character money.

After getting used to the mechanics of the game board, the player starts the main game where you are the manager of an MMA fighter. You will use many opportunities to train this character and participate in various tournaments. Of course, the rewards are fun and help you buy lots of new items for your club. This club is almost like an abandoned area so you will fill it with exercise equipment.


The first task to complete after completing the MMA Manager 2 game board tutorial is to adjust the character’s stats. You will see that the stats are all zero and you can adjust them to your liking, but the request is only made once. Therefore, players need to think carefully and make the right choice. In addition, you do not train alone, but are guided by a fitness trainer.

You can hire a fitness trainer to ensure your workout goes smoothly. At the same time, a trainer requires equipment, and each tool will help you train a specific muscle group to increase the index. The first piece of fitness equipment you can get is the bench press, and its action will help you increase a certain amount of strength. During the training process, an amount of money will appear that you can collect.


If you want to keep the activities going in MMA Manager 2, you need a certain amount of money to hire a trainer and buy training equipment. Everyone has seen more than one MMA practice club and that will be their goal to make money in this game. There are many ways to make money in this game; You will complete missions in the game and win different games.

Performing the quest isn’t a new element, and it’s educational for the character to go to a specific goal when they don’t know what to start doing. In addition, it is often easy or difficult to win matches in the game, depending on whether you pay attention to the game’s information about the game mechanics and the opponent’s statistics. You will know your opponent’s strengths from statistics, so you will try to set up a game plan that blocks his strengths and counterattacks.

Features :

* Gather a team of world-class fighters
* Customize your fighters by training them with new exciting moves in the ring
* Dynamic, action-packed battles based on your strategies and fighting skills
* Create a battle plan based on your opponent’s weaknesses and your fighter’s strengths
* Use the right fighter and plan in multiple game modes
* Survive against other players in Fight Club!
* Multi-weight single player campaigns with branching progression paths

MMA Manager 2 Ultimate Fight MOD Features:

Unlimited Money.
Unlimited Gems.
Unlimited Diamonds.
Unlocked Characters.
High Lady.
A hit.
god mode.

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