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Easy Cricket Scorer v1.2 APK for Android download

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Ever wondered if there is an App to track the score for your Gully/Tennis-ball cricket innings?Your search should end wi

Ever wondered if there is an App to track the score for your Gully/Tennis-ball cricket innings?
Your search should end with Easy Cricket Scorer.
Easy Cricket Scorer is a simple tool which allows you to track the score of your innings in the middle of your Gully cricket match.
No more petty fights over Wides , No Balls and Scores once you start using Easy Cricket Scorer.
You can define the number of overs to be played and whether you need to consider no balls, wides, byes etc.
Once you set these, you can directly go ahead and count the score for your innings.
Features :
* Easy to use Interface
* Minimum number of interactions
* Easily track the ball count
* Email match report
* Edit scores which have been entered
1. How do I add runs ?
Use the buttons ‘ ‘ and ‘-‘ to increase/decrease the score count and press the Update button.
2. How do I include extras(Wide/No-ball) ?
Use the radio buttons to mark the preferred Extras.
3. How do I record a wicket ?
You just need to tick the Checkbox corresponding to the wicket and press the update button.
4. How to lock the current selection?
Your current selection will be displayed as well as highlighted according to your markings.To lock the value, you need to press the Update button.
5. Is there an option to edit ?
Yes. But you can edit the entry only of the current over.
6. How to edit the scores ?
Press the ball you need to edit, your current selection will be displayed. Then just modify the ball score and hit the Update button.
7. Can I change a legitimate ball to an illegitimate ball and vice versa?
No. You cannot change a Wide or a No-Ball to a legitimate ball and vice versa.
8. Is there an option to mail the match details?
Yes, But it should be used only at the end of an innings.
9. Can I record the scores of Two innings ?
No. Instead, restart the application to record the scores of another innings.
10. Can I see scores of previous overs?
Yes. You can make use of the horizontal scroller(Golden color) at the top to view your previous overs detail.
11. How to go to the next over?
After the end of an over,select the score and press the update button.
You can share the score of your innings with your friends using the email option available.

Download APK(3.0MB)

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